Creating sustainable campus communities

Taking on climate change across our campuses

Throughout Northeastern’s global network of 12 campuses, the university is committed to meeting and exceeding city and community guidelines and best practices for sustainability. That commitment extends to the neighborhoods surrounding our campuses—from Boston to Seattle and from Vancouver and Toronto to London. And our vast network enables us to understand the effects of climate change in various contexts, spurring new knowledge, thinking, and action.

Greener, more resilient

We take pride in our ability to create campuses that are green, resilient, efficient, sustainable, and beautiful. Whether you’re a graduate student in Silicon Valley or an undergraduate on our London campus, know that we’re committed to minimizing our carbon footprint.

Shrinking our carbon footprint in Boston


buildings with reflective roofs

buildings with groundwater recharge


campus covered by landscape


reduction in energy use per sq. ft. since 2005


reduction in GHG emissions per sq. ft. since 2005


reduction in water use since 2005

Campus infrastructure initiatives

Climate resiliency

Materials and recycling

GHG reduction efforts

Sustainability in capital projects

Campus energy management

Working with our communities

Critical to our sustainability and climate action efforts is our ability to come together with our university community and neighbors around planning, outreach, and partnerships. In engaging with our diverse communities, we invite new thinking and inspire future generations to enact change.

Institutional Master Plan

Climate Justice Action Plan

Marine Science Center K-12 outreach

Get Involved

Northeastern students, faculty, and staff work on various efforts to make our campuses a more environmentally friendly place. Find out how you can get involved.